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Belfast Shuttle gets a cheesy launch! 13 December 2006 is launching up to ten flights a day between the Isle of Man and Belfast on Friday with a special launch party at George Best Belfast City Airport. Customers will be treated to a fine selection of Manx cheeses, washed down with a warming tot of “Viking Venom”, courtesy of Isle of Man Tourism. services currently operate between the Isle of Man and Belfast International airport, but Belfast City has now been added to the route network to make sure customers have the choice of far more flight times and destination airports – hence the title “Belfast Shuttle”.

“Since we started flying between the Isle of Man and Belfast the market on that route has grown by 25%”, says James Filleul,’s communications director. “From Friday 15th December our services will offer the choice of up to ten flights a day, and two airports, meaning customers have far more flexibility. Once again we are grateful to the Island’s tourism department for their continued support in helping us to promote the Isle of Man and its considerable attractions”.

Belfast is the nearest capital city to the Island and has strong business, leisure and family connections with the Isle of Man. Belfast International Airport is more convenient for west Belfast, and for onward connections to the rest of Northern Ireland and the Republic, while Belfast City Airport is located just minutes from the city centre itself.

On Friday morning, two members of staff from Isle of Man Tourism will be serving a selection of cheeses to passengers travelling through Belfast City Airport, in particular those headed to the Isle of Man. They’ll be serving Druidale, Manx roast onion & sage mature cheddar, Manx oak smoked, Manx Cheshire, Black peppercorn, and award winning garlic and chive cheeses; and for those who would like a warming drink, they will also give out samples of a ‘Viking Venom’ layered cocktail consisting of ManX spirit, Baileys and Kahlua.

They will be wearing Manx tartan kilts representing blue for the sea, green for the hills, gold for the gorse, purple for the heather and white for the cottages.

“We will literally be taking a flavour of the Island to Belfast, and hope it will help to get the message across to potential visitors that the Island has lots to offer, and has a really convenient choice of flight times and fares so they can get here easily”.

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