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Boundary Review Committee 19 December 2006

The Boundary Review Committee appointed under the Representation of the People Act 1995, Section 11, pursuant to resolutions of Tynwald to review the number and boundaries of the constituencies for elections to the House of Keys submitted an interim report to Tynwald in January 2006. That interim report proposed a number of short term measures, as well as indicating that a more thorough review would be commenced thereafter.

The Boundary Review Committee now invites views from members of the public.

  1. Existing constituency boundaries & whether they actually represent community or geographical divisions
  2. Possible changes to existing boundaries and whether they should respect community or geographical divisions
  3. Optimum size of constituencies
  4. Whether voter numbers should be the sole guide to constituency size
  5. Views on the desirability of single or multi member constituencies
  6. Should all constituencies have the same number of Members and if so what is the preferred number
  7. Any other relevant matters

Comments should be made in writing by 31 December 2006, to Mrs Caroline Mallon, Chief Secretary’s Office, Government Office, Bucks Road, DOUGLAS, IM1 3PN or via e-mail to (fax no 685710).

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