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Market Street Douglas – Development Brief and Highway Widening 18 January 2007

This study has been jointly commissioned by the Department of Local Government and the Environment (DLGE) and the Department of Transport (DoT) from McGarrigle & Jackson, Architects and Urban Designers. Its purpose is to outline the way in which the DLGE considers the area could be developed in line with the proposals in the Douglas Local Plan. This is combined with the DoT’s requirement for a road-widening and improvement line to improve access to existing and proposed development and for service and emergency vehicles.

The main elements of the brief are:

• the realignment and improvement of Market Street to better service existing and proposed development;

• facilities for pedestrians to cross the street at key points;

• areas for future development with advice on suitable uses and urban design criteria;

• an opportunity to create a retail link between Market Street and Strand Street to strengthen the retail activeness of this part of Strand Street.

This study is being published for public consultation and both Departments would welcome views and comments from those who may be interested in the proposals and the future of the area. After consideration of the consultation responses the Departments will, if necessary, amend it in light of the comments received and the DLGE will adopt it as supplementary planning guidance to which the Department will have regard to in the determination of planning applications for the development of land in the area. In addition, the DoT will adopt the road-widening and improvement line and it will also be material to the consideration of planning applications in the area.

The draft brief is being circulated to:

• Local MHKs

• The Borough of Douglas

Government Departments and Statutory Boards

• Landowners and businesses

Copies are available for inspection at Douglas Town Hall, Douglas Library and the offices of the DLGE at Murray House, Mount Havelock, Douglas, and the DoT, at the Sea Terminal, Douglas. The document is also available from the DLGE website www.gov.im/dlge/planning. Further copies can be obtained (priced at £2.50) from the DLGE offices.

The proposal will be on display at an Open House at the offices of the Department of Local Government and the Environment, Murray House, Mount Havelock, Douglas, between 1.00pm and 7.00pm on Friday 19th January 2007. Officers of both Departments will be available to explain the proposals and to answer any questions. The proposal will continue to be on display at the Department’s offices during the following week.

Comments should be addressed to the Department of Local Government and Environment and be received by Thursday, 1st March 2007.

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