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Manx consumers turning to Manx food 18 January 2007

Increasing numbers of consumers are choosing to eat locally produced food according to Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Minister, Phil Gawne.

“I am delighted that figures, just released, show that over 85% of the beef eaten here is now produced on the Island. This is a significant increase” said Mr Gawne, “which reflects the substantial efforts that have been made by farmers, the marketing associations, the Manx NFU and the Department who have been working together to raise the profile of Manx food and to better match the needs of the market.”

“This is great news and will help to give Manx farmers confidence that if we continue and develop our current initiatives to meet consumers needs we will continue to increase sales both on and off the Island.”

“We have always known that we produce very good local food on the Island and now it is clear that consumers agree with us. Crucially, they are voting with their wallets.”

“Increasing concern over food miles and their impact on climate change, plus a desire to eat good food means that consumers are making the choice to buy local, to ensure that they have the safest and most environmentally friendly food available.”

“The 4% growth in Manx food consumption follows the two years of promotional work in respect of the joint Manx NFU and DAFF “I Love Manx” campaign which has made great strides in raising the profile of our wide range of high quality foods.”

“The FMA has worked tirelessly over the last years to improve local sales and it is clear its work to improve service and value on the Island has reaped rewards”

In conclusion, Mr Gawne says, “the challenge is now to continue this progress and to ensure consumers continue to be able to buy our high quality food from every food retailer and restaurant on the Island. There is still much scope to increase sales further and I am confident that working together, we can achieve even higher levels of success.”

Contact: Hon Phil Gawne MHK, Minister on 416221 or 685839


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