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New Eye Catching Isle of Man Advertising Campaign 22 January 2007

The Isle of Man Department of Tourism and Leisure is launching an exciting new campaign that positions the island as a place where you are free to pursue a wide range of outdoor activities.

The campaign follows an extensive island brand development project which revealed that the Isle of Man was a place where people have the ‘Freedom to flourish’.

This year Smarter Communications, the advertising agency handling Isle of Man tourism, has developed a radical new campaign showing a range of stunning images that capture some of the exciting activities visitors can enjoy. These range from action sports such as sea kayaking, mountain biking or motor cycling to more relaxed railway journeys and walking in clean fresh air across some of the most picturesque landscapes in the world.

To help with the campaign Smarter approached a number of talented Manx people to participate in the adverts. These included TT winner ‘Milky’ Quayle riding a Ducati around the mountain roads, the famous ‘Mr. Showtime’ Steve Colley perched on the side of The Stacks on his mountain bike, local gymnast Hayley Curtis performing cartwheels across Peel beach and an additional feature of sea kayaking during the Adventurous Experiences week run by Keirron Tastagh.

Tourism and Leisure Minister Adrian Earnshaw said:

‘This is a terrific campaign which I hope will encourage visitors to come to the Isle of Man to see the vast range of activities and attractions we have to offer. Following the launch I would ask you to look out for our adverts, which can be seen in national press magazines during January, including the Saturday Express and Daily Mail this coming weekend, the Radio Times next week and Mail on Sunday ‘You’ magazine next weekend. This will be followed by some stunning high impact outdoor posters starting in North West England during February as well as online advertising.’

The campaign targets both the traditional empty nester market (those couples whose children have left home and take a high number of short breaks) and the growing number of younger couples who take breaks to recharge, de-stress and try something new and exciting.

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