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House of Keys Sitting - 6th February 2007 7 February 2007

Oral Question 2 | Oral Question 3 | Written Question 2 | Written Quesiton 3

The question number refers to the question order specified in the official Keys Question Paper. To read the answers, scroll down this page or select a link to a question from above.

Question NumberSubjectQuestion from
Oral Question 2Disability DiscriminationMr Karran, MHK
Oral Question 3Waiting Time - Opthamology (Cataracts)Mr Cannan, MHK
Written Question 2Waiting ListsMr Karran, MHK
Written Question 3Social WorkersMr Houghton, MHK

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Oral Question 2

For Oral Answer:The Hon Member for Onchan (Mr Karran) to ask the Chief Minister –

When is the Disability Discrimination Act 2006 going to be fully implemented?


Mr Speaker,

The Disability Discrimination Act has received Royal Assent and the provisions of the Act require Appointed Day Orders and extensive Regulations in order to come into effect. It was always envisaged that, given the wide ranging implications of the Act that it would be phased in over a number of years as happened in England and Wales.

There are significant resource implications entailed within the bill for the public and private sector and there is a need for implementation to be coordinated and properly resourced for the Act to achieve its purpose.

At this time we are still considering resource implications in order to ensure an effective implementation process and the picture will become clearer when the current budgeting round is approved by Tynwald and details of the implementation process can be properly decided.

Oral Question 3

For Oral Answer: The Hon Member for Michael (Mr Cannan) to ask the Minister for Health and Social Security –

What is the current waiting time for a patient in need of a cataract operation, before the patient has the first consultation with the Consultant Opthalmologist?


Mr Speaker,

We are unable to provide an answer to this question as we do not collect data by receipt of referral to 1st appointment.

The data we collect, however, shows how long patients have had to wait in total for each episode of their care i.e. outpatients and inpatients clinics.

The following examples are for Ophthalmology clinic waiting times in recent weeks: a patient waiting the shortest timescale was referred on 10 January, 2007, and seen on 30 January, 2007.

The longest waiting patient was referred on 24 August, 2006, and was seen on 23 January, 2007.

Each patient has a priority given by their General Practitioner, this is then confirmed by the Consultant on receipt of the referral: these are urgent, soon and routine. As in the case above, the urgent referral was seen in just over two weeks from the referral to the clinic appointment.

Unfortunately, we do have lost clinic time when a patient fails to attend and does not telephone the hospital to cancel their appointment. These patients are referred to as Did Not Attend’s (DNA’s) and currently a total of 159 patients were Did Not Attend’s between April and December 2006. Therefore, an average of 15 clinics were unused due to the Did Not Attend’s. i.e. 12.6%.

There are many and varied reasons for this from moving house, not receiving the appointment, or forgetting to attend. As currently 14 clinics are held per week, and as not all clinic slots are for new patients, this would equate with an increase in the waiting time of approximately three weeks. Patients have a responsibility as well.

Written Question 2

For Written Answer The Hon Member for Onchan (Mr Karran) to ask the Minister for Health and Social Security -

  1. What is the average length of waiting lists relating to specialist treatments to be carried out at Noble’s Hospital; and
  2. What was the average length of time patients had to wait for specialist treatment in each of the last five years?


Click this link for Mr Teare's answer

Written Quesiton 3

For Written Answer The Hon Member for Douglas North (Mr Houghton) to ask the Minister for Health and Social Security –

  1. Has the Department completed its programme of registration of Social Workers with the General Social Care Council; and
  2. If not, why?


  1. No.
  2. The General Social Care Council (GSCC) is the work force regulator and guardian of standards for the Social Care workforce in England. The Council was established in October 2001 under the Care Standards Act 2000. Because there had been no previous regulatory framework and there were over one million people employed in such work, it was determined that registration should be on a phased basis. The first group to be registered were social workers, and following the passage of legislation in the UK Parliament to enforce protection of the title of “social worker”, it was determined that all social workers had to be registered by 1st December 2004 in order to be able to be employed and to practice as a social worker. The GSCC intend to commence in the near future the registration of members of residential care establishments. Once this process is completed, they intend to move to registering social care workers; that is, those working in residential care, day care, and home care. It is anticipated that this process will take many years to achieve. The Department took the decision that all social care workers on the Island should be registered on the same basis as those in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, in order to ensure that standards on the Island were of the highest order possible. The GSCC in England agreed to the Island’s social care workers being registered with them. The Department is bringing forward protection of title legislation within the Regulation of Care Bill which is within the legislative programme. The Department has proposed that the Bill be included in the legislative programme for 2007/2008. At that time, all social care workers will be required to be registered with the GSCC in the UK. At the present time, all existing social workers have been encouraged to register and many have done so. All new appointments are subject to a requirement of being registered with GSCC. Once protection of title legislation has been enacted by Tynwald all social workers will have to be registered in order to practice.
  3. The programme cannot be completed until the Regulation of Care Bill is passed which will contain the necessary provision for the protection of the title of ‘Social Worker’ and ‘Social Care Worker’.

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