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Adaptable Housing proposed for First-Time Buyers in Andreas 15 February 2007

The Minister for Local Government and the Environment will be seeking approval to expend a sum not exceeding £225,300 for the construction of two semi-detached first-time buyer homes at this month’s Tynwald.

The Member with responsibility for housing, Mr Juan Watterson, MHK, stated

“I’m delighted in my new role to see this project being brought forward. The Department is currently involved with affordable housing schemes of over 200 units on one site, but whilst this project may be at the other end of the scale it will make a contribution towards meeting the Department’s objective to provide affordable homes throughout the Island and to an agreed standard which I’m sure the two households which eventually live in the properties will appreciate”.

The properties will be offered to qualifying purchasers from the Department’s First-Time Buyer Register on which there are currently over 700 names. Preference will be given to those expressing a wish to live in the North of the Island.

Phil Halliwell, Project Manager from the Department, explained that

“The design of these properties is a departure from other first-time buyer projects. The properties are two bedroom bungalows but have been designed to allow for possible future expansion into the roof space to enable additional bedrooms to be provided. Our Consultant Architects, Cornerstone, have come up with a design which is a true ‘starter home’.”

The Department has a programme to create over 400 new first-time buyer homes and a similar number of new and replacement public sector houses over the next three years. Further information can be gained on the Department’s website

Should Tynwald give approval to the expenditure work will commence on site in March with completion in the Autumn of this year.

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