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The Mental Health Review Tribunal 25 February 2007

The Appointments Commission* is seeking applications from individuals for membership of the Mental Health Review Tribunal. Appointments will take effect from 1st April 2007.

What is the Mental Health Review Tribunal?

The Mental Health Review Tribunal (“the Tribunal”) is appointed under Schedule 3 to the Mental Health Act 1998. The Tribunal consists of three panels -

• the High Bailiff and two other persons, being barristers, solicitors or advocates of not less than seven years' standing;

• five persons, being registered medical practitioners appointed after consultation with the Isle of Man Medical Society. At least one of these persons must have suitable experience in psychiatric medicine;

• Four lay persons having experience and knowledge in administration of social services or such other qualifications or experience as the Appointments Commission considers suitable.

With the exception of the High Bailiff, all members are appointed by the Appointments Commission.

What does the Mental Health Review Tribunal do?

It is the responsibility of the Tribunal to act as an independent body to deal with applications and references in respect of persons detained under certain sections of the Mental Health Act 1998.

The proceedings of the Tribunal are regulated by Rules made under section 86(2)(c) of the Act. The Tribunal is administered by the Tribunals Centralised Administration in the General Registry.

Who are the Appointments Commission looking for?

The Commission would welcome applications from suitable persons for appointment to each of the three panels referred to above. Applications from retired doctors and psychiatrists will also be welcomed.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying you should write to the Secretary of the Appointments Commission at the address indicated below enclosing your current curriculum vitae and the names of two persons who may be contacted for a reference. Applications should reach the Secretary by 9th March 2007. Late applications may be accepted by the Appointments Commission only at its discretion.

An information pack and further information about the role and the duties of the Mental Health Review Tribunal are available from the Secretary of the Appointments Commission, c/o Government Office, Bucks Road, DOUGLAS. (Tel : 686409 Email :


*The Appointments Commission has been established by the Council of Ministers under the auspices of the Tribunals Act 2006 as an independent body. Its principal function is to make appointments to various Appeals Tribunals and other bodies covered by the statutory provisions of the Tribunals Legislation.

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