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Launch of Update to the Isle of Man Child Protection Committee Agency Procedures 16 March 2007

The Department of Health and Social Security announced the launch of an update to the Isle of Man Child Protection Committee Agency Procedures, otherwise known as the “Yellow Book”

Trevor Noden, Assistant Director Children & Families, said

“The Commission of Inquiry recommended the review and re-launch of this procedural guidance and the Island Child Protection Committee are please to have achieved this.”

The “Yellow Book” is known to anyone who works with children and families as a source of reference when there are concerns about children. It gives the statutory agencies, faith groups and voluntary agencies information and guidance.

The Yellow Book contains guidelines for referral to Social Services and the appendices give legal information as well as explaining the procedures used with agencies.

The Child Protection committee has a continuous Multi Disciplinary Training Programme in order to identify and address the knowledge and skills that are necessary for identifying and responding appropriately to concerns about the protection of Children and Young People.

Hard copies have been distributed to all relevant areas and a new pocket-sized “friendly” edition has been given to workers who have special responsibilities and who work closely with children, young people and their families. An electronic version is available on the Government website.

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