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Mud on the roads 26 March 2007

The Department of Transport would like to clarify the position regarding cleaning mud from the roads around farms, although it should be noted that this applies equally to roads around construction sites and other activities.

The legislation regarding mud on the road is in place to protect the safety of all road users. The Highways Act 1986, Section 48A applies where vehicles are driven from any land on to a highway and deposit mud and other debris on the highway which causes danger or inconvenience to vehicular traffic.

It states that the responsible person shall place signs at each end of any length of a highway affected to give drivers adequate warning. The appropriate signs are ‘Slippery Road’ signs (Diagram 557) with a plate stating ‘Mud on Road’. Within a reasonable time after any mud has been deposited on the highway steps should be taken to remove it.

If the responsible person fails to do this he shall be guilty of an offence and the Department may take steps to remove the mud and recover the cost of doing so. This legislation applies to all earth, stone and other debris deposited on the highway.

Nigel Foster, Highway Services Manager,

‘This legislation is in place to protect the safety of all road users. Anyone depositing mud on roads should be aware of the hazard it creates and the responsibility for clearing it up. The Department would only wish to take action if we, or the police, consider that there is a danger to the public.’

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