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Civic Amenity Sites – Expansion of Recycling Services and All-Island access 13 April 2007

The Island’s recycling efforts are being stepped up with a new project to recycle televisions, computer screens and fluorescent light tubes delivered to civic amenity sites. At the same time the four civic amenity sites, previously restricted to local residents, are now open to everyone regardless of where they live.

Recycling facilities at each of the CA sites will be expanded to remove hazardous household waste from the waste stream. From 1st April 2007 the Department is funding the recycling of televisions, computer VDUs and fluorescent light tubes delivered by householders to CA sites for a 12-months’ trial period. In the interim, the current system for managing the recycling of fridges and freezers will be maintained. All CA sites already provide facilities for the recycling of dry-cell batteries (e.g. from toys & phones ), wet-cell batteries (e.g. from cars), in addition to more the bulky electrical items such as washing-machines, tumble-driers and ovens.

With effect from 1st April 2007, the Island’s residents will be able to access any Civic Amenity site. This follows the Tynwald resolution in January 2006 to standardise access to, and provision of services within, the Island’s Civic Amenity (CA) sites. The four CA sites are funded through and managed by groups of Local Authorities. Traditionally this has led to varying hours of operation and provision of services. The opening up of access to all CA sites is considered by the Department and Local Authorities as the first step towards standardisation of operation. Once finalised these standards will be phased in across all CA sites taking account of operational and financial constraints.

Minister for Local Government and the Environment, John Shimmin, MHK, comments,

“The increase in recycling routes and the unrestricted access to the Islands Civic Amenity sites will allow the people of the Isle of Man to increase their participation in the reuse of the Planet’s valuable resources and manage their wastes in a more sustainable manner”.

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