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Community Pharmacy - MINOR AILMENTS SCHEME 16 April 2007

A Minor Ailments Scheme run by Community Pharmacists has been introduced by the Department of Health and Social Security. The scheme started on March 26th 2007 and is offered by a number of pharmacists on the Island.

Minor ailments are defined as conditions that require little or no medical intervention and the conditions that are covered by this scheme include eye infections (conjunctivitis), vaginal thrush, skin infections (impetigo), simple urinary tract infections and dental pain. It is recognised that it is not always necessary to visit a doctor for these conditions and the scheme incorporates the professional help of a local pharmacist, trained in diagnosing a number of minor ailments, who is able to offer advice and treatment if needed.

Patients who are exempt from prescription payments will still receive medicines as before and patients who pay will pay the normal prescription charge.

The benefits to the patient are direct access to a health professional - normally within a few minutes - which avoids waiting for a GP appointment. However, this does not take away the patient’s choice of visiting a GP. It also has the benefit for the GP practice of freeing up minor ailment appointments enabling them to have more appointments to deal with more medically urgent cases.

The pharmacies where the scheme is offered are:

  1. Douglas
    • Atkinson’s Pharmacy, 2 Granville Street
    • Boots the Chemist, 14-22 Strand Street
    • Hemensley’s Pharmacy, 1 Windsor Road
    • Kinrade’s Pharmacy, Ballaquayle Road
    • Lloyds Pharmacy, Shoprite, Victoria Road
  2. Onchan
    • Lloyd’s Pharmacy, 18- 21b The Village Walk
  3. Ramsey
    • Lloyd’s Pharmacy, 17 Parliament Street
    • Lloyd’s Pharmacy, Shoprite, Bowring Road
  4. Kirk Michael
    • The Village Pharmacy, Main Road
  5. Port Erin
    • Lloyd’s Pharmacy, Church Road
  6. Peel
    • Cowley Pharmacy, 8 -10 Atholl Street

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