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Clinical Recommendations Committee 13 April 2007

The Member for Michael, Mr David Cannan, MHK, issued a press release with regard to the above Committee, attached was a letter from the Executive of the Isle of Medical Society, a letter which many members of the Isle of Man Medical Society had not seen prior to the press release.

The origins of this Committee follow on from a recommendation of the Health Care Commission and concerns expressed by both clinical staff and officials that the decision making process on clinical matters within the DHSS did not have adequate evidenced based clinical input.

The Isle Of Man Medical Society was consulted in January, February and October of 2006, the General Practitioners sub-committee expressed support and nominated a representative to attend, the Medical Society also sent a representative to the first meeting.

The Department cannot have a situation in which a decision to introduce a new treatment or medication is made without proper scrutiny and the appropriate discussions involving clinicians, management and politicians. Such a properly constituted process of scrutinising decisions is a part of a transparent system of clinical and corporate governance found in virtually every other Health Service worldwide.

It is disappointing therefore to find that some members of the Isle Of Man Medical Society have chosen not to co-operate. That does not however leave the committee without any medical input as stated by Mr Cannan and also by Mr Fayle. The Committee, which met again on 12 April 2007 is constituted as follows:

  • Political Member for Health (Chair)
  • Medical Director (a Medical Consultant)
  • Public Health (a Medical Consultant)
  • General Practitioner
  • Director of Nursing, Midwifery & Professional Development
  • Pharmaceutical Adviser
  • Director of Health Strategy & Performance
  • Allied Health Professional
  • Finance Director
  • 2 Lay Members

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