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Transforming Care Conference - 14th March 2007 22 March 2007

Noble’s Hospital staged a conference last week to celebrate the success of the Transforming Care project, and more importantly, to share the innovations in practice across the Island. Mr Eddie Teare, Minister for Health and Social Security, opened the conference, with over 100 delegates attended, including members of the public.

Mr Teare said,

“I am keen to promote that staff within Health Services provide such a high quality service to patients. This project has been extremely successful in ensuring that patient care is at the forefront of everything done in Health Services.”

Bev Critchlow, Director of Nursing, Midwifery & Professional Development, said,

“The Transforming Care project has achieved a large variety of small scale sustainable changes in practice (rather than a few, large, unsustainable changes), all of which directly improve patient care. This initiative is a wonderful example of how staff, working with patients, can make small changes which make huge improvements in the patients’ experiences of hospital. I am really proud of what our staff have achieved so far, this was a day of celebration and sharing.”

The Transforming Care project was established over 2 years ago and is a multi-professional project aimed at continuous improvement in the fundamental aspects of patient care.

The project has involved nurses, doctors, allied health professionals and lay members coming together to look carefully at how the hospital delivers those aspects of care which are most important to patients and their families. There have been numerous advances in healthcare over the last decade, it is important that health professionals do not lose sight of the fundamental aspects of care which matter so much and against which the patient will judge their hospital experience.

The fundamental aspects which the project has concentrated on include:

  • Maintain privacy and dignity in hospital
  • Communication with patients and relatives
  • Food and nutrition in hospital
  • Pressure ulcer prevention and care
  • Oral and personal hygiene
  • Record keeping

The hospital has based its programme on the UK initiative ‘Essence of Care’; this allows them to benchmark care against national standards.

A number of subgroups, led by a Steering Group, have concentrated on each aspect of care. The Director of Nursing, Midwifery & Professional Development, Bev Critchlow, is the Executive Director leading and directing the project. Each subgroup has public / lay representatives as part of its membership.

The project has aimed to put patients at the centre of hospital work, and where possible, hospital routines and practices have been adapted to meet patient need, rather than expecting patients to adapt to hospital routines.

Some (of the many) changes include:

  • The introduction of nutritional assessments to identify malnutrition in hospital;
  • Protected mealtimes, so patients can eat their meals without interruption;
  • Red tray alert, so patients who need help to eat their meals can receive timely help from staff;
  • Introduction of new hospital gowns to protect privacy and dignity;
  • Information developed to raise cultural awareness of all staff;
  • New standards and audit for healthcare record keeping

The conference showcased the changes and innovations we have made.

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