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DHA thanks personnel involved in the safe disposal of WW2 bomb 18 April 2007

THE Department of Home Affairs has thanked everyone involved with yesterday’s successful disposal of an unexploded bomb discovered in Santon.

WW2 Bomb found in Santon - Isle of manThe device was found by a brewery worker, Ian Kettles, on Saturday (April 14) in privately owned land behind Bushy’s Brewery at Mount Murray. The area surrounding it was immediately cordoned off and a 100 metre exclusion zone put in place by the police with 24 hour support from the Isle of Man Civil Defence Corps until the area was made safe.

A Royal Navy bomb squad performed a controlled explosion at approximately 7am yesterday. After the safe disposal of the bomb, the cordon and exclusion zone were removed and the area has now returned to its normal state.

Director of Finance for the Department of Home Affairs Simon Jackson said:

‘The Department would like to thank the emergency services, the police and civil defence volunteers and the Isle of Man Coastguard for all their efforts over the last few days, especially PC Kevin Williams who co-ordinated the entire operation with support from Emergency Planning Officer Martin Blackburn and duty Coastguard officer Phil Adams. A total of 34 Civil Defence volunteers were involved at different times over the weekend, and there were no incidents or problems, with everyone respecting the cordon. We would also like to thank the Royal Navy bomb disposal squad for safely disposing of the bomb, and for carrying out a sweep of the area to establish that there didn’t appear to be any other devices.
‘In addition, we would want to reiterate the police advice to the public – that is, should anyone find anything that they think may be an unexploded bomb, please report it to the police immediately and do not tamper with it.’

The mortar is believed to date from World War Two and was a high explosive type. It is unknown how it came to be where it was found but it appeared to have been there for a considerable amount of time.

Home Affairs Minister Martyn Quayle MHK added:

‘It was extremely fortunate that the bomb didn’t explode and cause anyone serious injuries. I’d like to add my thanks to all involved for their textbook handling of this potentially dangerous situation. In particular I commend the action of Mr Kettles in reporting his finding of the bomb, PC Williams, Martin Blackburn, the Coastguard and civil defence volunteers for assisting the emergency services.’

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