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Financial Sanctions: Al-Qa'ida and the Taliban 25 April 2007

This news release is issued in respect of financial measures taken against Al-Qa'ida and the Taliban.

The Treasury advises that on 17 April 2007 the United Nations Sanctions Committee approved a number of amendments to existing entries on the UN Consolidated List maintained under Resolution 1390 (2002).

Financial institutions and other persons are required to check whether they maintain any accounts or otherwise hold any funds, other financial assets, economic benefits and economic resources for the individuals named. If so, they should freeze the accounts or other funds and immediately report their findings to the Sanctions Officer.




Title: General

DOB: 1964

POB: Nangarhar, Afghanistan

Nationality: Afghan

Passport Details: D 000974 (Afghan)

Position: Military Attache, Taliban 'Embassy', Islamabad

AL-AQEEL, Aqeel, Abdulaziz, Aqeel

DOB: 29 April 1949

POB: Unaizah, Saudi Arabia


  1. AL-AQIL, Aqeel, Abdulaziz
  2. ALAGEEL, Ageel, Abdulaziz, A

Nationality: Saudi Arabian

Passport Details:

  1. C 1415362 - 16/2/1421H [21 May 2000]
  2. E 839024 [Issued 3 January 2004, expiring 8 November 2008]

AL-BUTHE, Suliman, Hamd, Suleiman

DOB: 8 December 1961

POB: Cairo, Egypt

a.k.a.: AL BUTHI, Soliman, H, S

Nationality: Saudi Arabian

Passport Details:

  1. B049614
  2. C536660 [Issued 5 May 2001, expired 11 March 2006]

AL-FAQIH, Saad, Rashed, Mohammad

Title: Dr


  1. 1 February 1957
  2. 31 January 1957

POB: Zubair, Iraq


  1. AL FAQIH, Saad
  2. ALFAGIH, Saad
  3. AL-FAGIH, Saad
  4. AL-FAKIH, Saad
  5. AL-FAQI, Sa'd
  6. AL-FAQIH, Abu Uthman, Sa'd
  7. AL-FAQIH, Saad
  8. AL-FAQIH, Sa'ad
  9. AL-FAGEEH, Sa'd, Rashid, Muhammed

Nationality: Saudi Arabian

Passport Details: 760620 [Issued 15 September 1991, expired 22 July 1996]

Address: London, United Kingdom

AL-FAWAZ, Khalid, Abd Al-Rahman, Hamd


  1. 25 August 1962
  2. 24 August 1962

POB: Kuwait


  1. AL FAWWAZ, Khaled
  2. AL FAWWAZ, Khalik
  3. AL-FAUWAZ, Khaled
  4. AL-FAUWAZ, Khaled, A
  5. AL-FAWWAZ, Khaled
  6. AL-FAWWAZ, Khalid
  7. AL FAWAZ, Khalid, Abdulrahman, H

Nationality: Saudi Arabian

Passport Details:456682 [Issued 6 November 1990, expired 13 September 1995]

Address: 55 Hawarden Hill, Brooke Road, London, United Kingdom, NW2 7BR

Other Information: Resides in London

HAMDAN, Salim, Ahmad, Salim

DOB: 1965

POB: Al-Mukalla, Yemen


  1. AL-JADDAWI, Saqr
  2. AL JADAWI, Saqar

Nationality: Yemeni

Passport Details: 00385937 (Yemeni)

Other Information: Driver and private bodyguard to Usama bin Laden from 1996 to 2001. Previous address was Shari Tunis, Sana'a, Yemen

AL-MUJIL, Abd Al Hamid, Sulaiman, Muhammed


  1. 28 April 1949
  2. 29 April 1949

POB: Kuwait


  1. ABDALLAH, Abu
  2. AL-MU'AJJAL, Dr, Abd Al-Hamid
  3. AL-MUJAL, Dr, Abd al-Hamid
  4. AL-MU'JIL, Dr, Abd Abdul-Hamid, bin Sulaiman
  5. AL-MU'JIL, Abd al-Hamid, Sulaiman
  6. MUJEL, A, S
  7. MU'JIL, Abd al-Hamid
  8. AL MOJIL, Abdulhamid, Sulaiman, M

Nationality: Saudi Arabian

Passport Details: F 137998 [Issued 18 April 2004, expiring 24 February 2009]

AL-QADI, Yasin

DOB: 23 February 1955

POB: Cairo, Egypt


  1. KADI, Shaykh, Yassin, Abdullah
  2. KAHDI, Yasin
  3. QADI, Yasin, Abdullah, Ezzedine [Note: UN Prime Alias]

Nationality: Saudi Arabian

Passport Details:

  1. B 751550
  2. E 976177 [Issued 6 March 2004, expiring 11 January 2009]

Other Information: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. UN listing is post-UK listing under Terrorist Financing regime. Yasin Al-Qadi is UN aka but UK prime alias

AL-SHARIF, Sa'd, Abdullah, Hussein


  1. 1969
  2. 1963
  3. 11 February 1964

POB: Al-Medinah, Saudi Arabia

Nationality: Saudi Arabian

Passport Details:

  1. B 960789
  2. G 649385 [Issued 8 September 2006, expiring 17 July 2011]

Other Information: Brother-in-law and close associate of UBL. Said to be head of UBL's financial organization

ATHEAR, Sayed, Allamuddin

DOB: 15 February 1955

POB: Badakhshan

Nationality: Afghan

Passport Details: D 000994 (Afghan)

Position: Second Secretary, Taliban 'Consulate General', Peshawar

BATTERJEE, Adel, Abdul Jalil, Ibrahim


  1. 1 July 1946
  2. 1 June 1946

POB: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


  1. AL-BATTARJEE, 'Adil
  2. BATARJI, 'Adil, 'Abd al Jalil
  3. BATTERJEE, Adel
  4. BATTERJEE, Adel, AbdulJaleel, I

Nationality: Saudi Arabian

Passport Details: F 572010 [Issued 22 December 2004, expiring 28 October 2009]

Address: 2 Helmi Kutbi Street, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

HUSSEIN, Zayn, Al-Abidin, Muhammad

DOB: 12 March 1971

POB: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


  3. AL-WAHAB, Abd Al-Hadi
  4. HUSAIN, Zain, Al-Abidin, Muhahhad
  5. TARIQ
  6. HUSAYN, Zayn, Al-Abidin, Muhammad
  7. ABU ZUBEIDAH, Zeinulabideen, Muhammed, Husein

Nationality: Palestinian

Passport Details: 484824 (Egyptian) [Issued 18 January 1984 at the Egyptian Embassy in Riyadh]

Other Information: Close associate of UBL and facilitator of terrorist travel

JULAIDAN, Wa'el, Hamza, Abd Al-Fatah


  1. 22 January 1958
  2. 20 January 1958

POB: Al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia


  1. AL MADANI, Abu Al-Hasan
  2. JALADIN, Wa'el, Hamza
  3. JALADIN, Wa'il, Hamza
  4. JALAIDAN, Wa'el, Hamza
  5. JALAIDAN, Wa'il, Hamza
  6. JULAIDAN, Wa'il, Hamza
  7. JLIDAN, Wail, H, A

Nationality: Saudi Arabian

Passport Details:

  1. A-992535 (Saudi)
  2. B 524420 [Issued 15 July 1998, expired 22 May 2003]

AMIR MOHAMMAD, Mohammad Sadiq

Title: Maulavi / Alhaj

DOB: 1934

POB: Ghazni, Afghanistan

Nationality: Afghan

Passport Details: SE 011252 (Afghan)

Position: Head of Afghan Trade Agency, Peshawar


Title: Maulavi

DOB: 1954

POB: Farah, Afghanistan

a.k.a.: ULLAH, Najib

Nationality: Afghan

Passport Details: 000737 (Afghan) [Issued 20 October 1996]

Position: Consul General, Taliban 'Consulate General', Peshawar

Further details of the sanctions regimes related to Terrorism, Al-Qa'ida and the Taliban and links to the consolidated list of individuals and entities subject to these sanctions may be found on the Customs and Excise pages of the Isle of Man Government website and by contacting the Sanctions Officer.

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