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Time Team Finds Presented to Manx National Heritage 27 April 2007

The inscribed ogham stoneMr Albert Gubay has presented the archaeological finds made during the Time Team excavation at Mount Murray to Manx National Heritage.

The objects, which came to light during the three day excavation in September last year, were handed over at a ceremony at the Mount Murray Country Club on Thursday. Amongst the finds were a stone grave-marker engraved with a simple cross, and a small slab carved with an inscription.

Stone grave-marker engraved with a simple crossManx National Heritage Chairman Martin Moore received the objects on behalf of the Trustees. He commented:

“Archaeological finds are the property of the landowner until formal legal transfer of title. We are delighted that Mr Gubay has agreed to present these objects to Manx National Heritage so that they can be available for everyone to appreciate in the National Museum”.

Director of Manx National Heritage, Stephen Harrison said:

“Mr Gubay has supported the work of Manx National Heritage over many years and helped us develop the new galleries at the Manx Museum where these objects will be on display. It was his sympathetic understanding of the importance of working around the ancient keeill site during the construction of the Mount Murray golf course, that has The Time Team crewsaved the site and allowed us to reveal these fascinating new glimpses into the lives of our ancestors”.

Permission for the excavation was readily given by Mr Gubay, who commented:

“I have always been interested in the heritage of the Island, and this seemed a particularly good opportunity to allow a small part of it to be investigated to a very high standard. I am pleased that, through Manx National Heritage, these unique pieces of the Island’s history will be safely housed in the national museum and that the public will be able to see them”. Tony Robinson at the Mount Murray excavation

Mr Moore concluded:

“I would like to thank Mr Gubay and the Mount Murray Estate for making this possible, and also everyone else concerned with the excavation, including the Department of Tourism and Leisure and of course Tony Robinson and the Time Team”.

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