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Community Satisfaction Survey for IoM Constabulary – results announced 8 May 2007

PEOPLE feel safe in the Isle of Man – that was the resounding response to a Community Satisfaction Survey carried out into the Island’s policing in February this year.

The Community Satisfaction Survey findings were announced today by Home Affairs Minister Martyn Quayle MHK, and Chief Constable of the Isle of Man Constabulary, Mike Culverhouse. The key results show that for a total of 76% of respondents Feeling Safe and the Low Crime Rate are the best things about living on the Isle of Man.

That message echoes findings of the Isle of Man Government’s branding survey for the Freedom to Flourish campaign which concluded that safety was one of the main aspects that makes the Island attractive.


  • 98% of respondents said that they felt safe living on the Island,
  • 86% said they felt safe in their local town or neighbourhood at night and
  • 99% said they felt safe in their homes at night.

The Department of Home Affairs commissioned an independent research company, BMG Research from Birmingham – which has carried out similar surveys for UK police forces – to undertake the survey and 1001 residents from across the Island were questioned by telephone. Comment was elicited from a wide representative group including young people.

Mr Quayle said:

Martyn Quayle MHK, Minister for Home Affairs‘The survey aimed to assess how residents perceive the police’s performance against the Isle of Man Constabulary’s four strategic aims – instilling public confidence, public satisfaction, public reassurance and the protection of young people. The results suggest that our police have achieved a great deal in those areas but we will be looking at all the feedback to see where any improvements can be made. Overall it is undoubtedly an indication of the high level of community safety we enjoy on the Isle of Man, and I’m grateful to all those who participated in the survey.’

Other findings emerging from the results of the survey are as follows:

  • 90% of respondents are satisfied with the level of service provided by the Constabulary.
  • 85% of respondents are satisfied with the quality of policing in their neighbourhood.
  • 89% of respondents feel reassured by the Constabulary.
  • 88% have confidence in the level of service provided by the Constabulary.
  • 87% feel that the relationship between the Constabulary and the community is good.
  • 79% of respondents are confident that their views will be listened to by the Constabulary.

Commenting on the key findings, Chief Constable Mike Culverhouse said:

Chief Constable Mike Culverhouse ‘Naturally I am thrilled with these results which demonstrate a number of things not least of which are that Community Safety is singularly the most important issue in terms of quality of life for Island residents and that the Constabulary consistently deliver top quality policing.
‘These results, whilst consistent with excellent results achieved in previous surveys from 2000 to 2004, perfectly illustrate our consistency and indeed in some areas tested we have actually increased levels of satisfaction. I will now be analysing the results very carefully to identify areas where we can improve our service even further.
‘I would like to pay tribute to the outstanding professionalism of everyone associated with the Isle of Man Constabulary for their individual and collective work leading to these outstanding results, notably its paid and indeed volunteer workforce, the Board of the Isle of Man Police Federation and Staff Associations and our growing list of partners across all sectors.
‘I would also wish to place on public record my thanks and appreciation to the Minister, the Honourable Martyn Quayle MHK, and Will Greenhow, the Chief Executive of the Department of Home Affairs, for their professional support and courage in again publicly testing the quality of policing here on the Island. For my part, I strongly believe that the best test for those who spend taxpayers’ money and who seek to assess levels of satisfaction and value, is to go direct to the community and that is what the Department of Home Affairs has done.’

Other findings showed that 83% of those surveyed had not been a victim of crime although 81% of respondents felt crime is increasing on the Island. Additionally, for 46% of people, feeling safe was the best thing about living on the Isle of Man, while 38% said it was the quality of life and 30% felt the best thing was the Island’s low crime rate.

The full report is below.

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