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First ever TT Race to be celebrated with 1907 TT Re-enactment 15 May 2007

Re-Enactment Run Features Vintage Machines, Riders In Period Costume, Celebrity Riders, In Parade Around The Original TT Circuit, Bank Holiday Monday, 28 May 10 a.m.

The full programme of activity planned for the 1907 TT Re-enactment, a special TT Centenary event run by the Department of Tourism and Leisure (DTL), was announced today.

With this recreation of the events that occurred at St Johns on 28 May 1907, the DTL turns back the hands of time with a parade of a hundred vintage machines, many of which actually competed in the first-ever TT Races, and many celebrity riders planning to participate.

“It is often said nostalgia isn’t what it used to be, but I fancy there will be bucket loads this year for an event which, for many of us, has no equal and which holds such special memories,” said Adrian Earnshaw, Isle of Man Minister of Tourism and Leisure. “Over the years, no races have contributed more to the story of motorcycling than the TT, and our aim has been to re-create, as closely as we can, the scene at St Johns on 28th May 1907.”

The re-enactment event will begin in St Johns with Rem Fowler’s 1907 winning machine flagged away, at 10.00 am on 28 May 2007, exactly 100 years to the minute, after the start of the first-ever TT. The other bikes will then start in pairs at 30-second intervals with the last machine leaving the grid by 10.25. Soon after, the first bikes will complete their first lap and set off on a second parade lap. By 11.30 all the bikes will have completed the course and will assemble in the concourse area on Tynwald Green for public viewing. At 14.00 there will be an awards presentation.

To add to the fun of the day, vintage cars will be displayed in the Tynwald Inn car park and original TT course photographs will be exhibited in Tynwald Old School. And, the Manx Jazz Aces will be entertaining throughout the morning from Tynwald Inn car park too. Refreshments and treats typical of the era will be on hand, as will many ‘more modern’ delicacies.

Geoff Duke, OBE, will unveil a plaque adjacent to the original start line to mark 100 years since the start of the first TT Races. To commemorate the event, the DTL has produced a handsome16-page programme that features vintage photographs and artists renderings of the 1907 TT Races. It also includes a detailed description of each of the100 bikes taking part, which will be available at news agents and on the day for £4.

“The 1907 TT Re-enactment is an event not to be missed. We have something for everyone: bike enthusiasts, residents and visitors alike,” said Paul Gelling organiser of the event for the DTL. “We encourage everyone to get a bowler hat or wrap themselves in great grandma’s tulle and come to take part in this unique event that promises to be one of the highlights of this year’s TT Centenary celebration.”

The parade will follow the roads comprising the original TT circuit, the St John’s Course including Ballacraine, Kirk Michael, Peel and St Johns. Roads will be closed from 09.30 to 12.30 at the latest. However, the road between Station Road St Johns and the Arboretum car park in St Johns will remain closed to traffic until 15.00 at the latest. Spectators are encouraged to arrive early to avoid road closures.

Spectators are encouraged to use the designated car parks, which will be clearly signposted from Ballacraine. These include:

• Curraghs Road, alongside the civic amenity site

• Tynwald Inn, Station Road

• Disabled Parking, opposite Farmers Arms, Tynwald

Other vantage points include:

Glen Helen • Cronk-y-Voddy

• Barregarrow

Kirk Michael


• And the start and finish in St Johns.

The 1907 TT Re-enactment is supported by the following organisations:

• The Vintage Motor Cycle Club

• The Auto Cycle Union

• Department of Transport

• Department of Home Affairs

• Department of Local Government & the Environment

• The President of Tynwald

St Johns Ambulance IOM Branch

• Andreas Racing Association

• IOM TT Marshals Association

• IOM Scouting Association

• The West Coast Riding Club

• German Commissioners

• Dunlop

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