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Retirement of Forestry Lay Members 21 May 2007

During a break in the clouds on the morning of Friday 18th May 2007, two Birch trees were planted at the Tynwald National Park to mark the retirement of Mr Jack Faragher CP and Mr Dick Callin.

Mr Faragher and Mr Callin have served as Lay-Members on the Forestry Amenity and Lands Division Advisory Committee and between them they have given over 30 years service to the Division.

Both Mrs Anne Faragher and Mrs Bet Callin were present at the planting and the Forestry Division Chairman, Brenda Cannell MHK gave a speech expressing appreciation of the two Members’ long and loyal service.

During their time with the Division, Mr Faragher and Mr Callin had service with 12 political Chairmen and had seen a great many changes in the management of the Department’s 28,000 acre estate.

Mr Faragher spoke of his great enjoyment of his role and his work with the Department. Mr Callin expressed similar sentiments and also his wish to see a long running issue, that of providing a new car park for visitors to Silverdale, which forms part of the Department’s estate, reach a conclusion.

Officers of the Department, including Chief Executive Colin Kniveton and Director of Forestry, Andrew Sidebottom, together with former Forestry Division Chairman, Dudley Butt MLC were also in attendance.

Attendees at the tree planting for lay members
Presentation to Lay Members

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