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Review of the Electoral Register 29 May 2007

Public Notice

House of Keys General Election

Review of the Electoral Register

Mr John Wright has been appointed by the Council of Ministers to inquire into the situation surrounding the Election Regulations used for the House of Keys General Election 2006.

The terms of the remit established by Tynwald were as follows:

“That Tynwald views with concern the number of people disenfranchised in the General Election due to the state of the Electoral Register, and calls upon the Council of Ministers to appoint a person to hold an Inquiry into:

  1. the reasons for that situation;
  2. whether the resources allocated to the preparation of the Register were sufficient;
  3. whether those responsible for compiling and distributing the Register failed to discharge their responsibilities;
  4. whether the procedures relating to proxy and absentee voting were correctly adhered to and need review; and
  5. any other matter which comes to the attention of the Inquiry in connection with the conduct of the election;

such person holding the Inquiry to have the powers conferred by the Inquiries (Evidence) Act 2003, and to lay the Report of the Inquiry before the October 2007 sitting of Tynwald with recommendations.”

Mr Wright wishes to invite submissions from:

Anyone unable to vote in the 2006 General Election because they were not included on the electoral list. Mr Wright would like them to advise what they did with the electoral registration forms they should have received (or to state if none were received), when they realised they were not on the list, why they did not check once candidate manifestos or voters cards were not received.

Anyone aged 16 & 17 year olds with their experiences of the registration process as it affected them.

Anyone with views about Electoral Registration within the terms of reference to assist identify what, if anything went wrong, what can be done to improve registration levels and accuracy, the degree of compulsion that should be involved and the enforcement of registration.

Anyone with views as to why they do not wish their name to be included on the Register of Electors.

Comments should be made in writing by 22nd June 2007, to Mrs Caroline Mallon, Chief Secretary’s Office, Government Office, Bucks Road, DOUGLAS, IM1 3PN (fax no 685710), or via e-mail to

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