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The Employment Tribunal 15 June 2007

The Appointments Commission* is seeking applications from legally qualified individuals for membership of the panel of Deputy Chairpersons to the Employment Tribunal.

• What is the Employment Tribunal?

The Employment Tribunal (“the Tribunal”) is appointed under Part I of Schedule 3 to the Employment Act 2006. The Tribunal consists of a chairperson, who must be legally qualified (i.e. a barrister, advocate or solicitor of not less than 7 years standing), a panel of Deputy Chairpersons (who must be likewise legally qualified) and 2 panels of side members - one panel appointed after consultation with employers’ representatives and the other panel after consultation with employees’ representatives.

• What does the Employment Tribunal do?

The principal function of the Tribunal is to consider matters referred to it by an employee who is seeking a remedy for infringement of any of the rights conferred on him or her or contravention of any obligation imposed by the Island’s Employment law.

The proceedings of the Tribunal are currently regulated by Rules made under Part II of Schedule 4 to the Employment Act 1991. New Rules will be made later this year under Part II of Schedule 3 to the Employment Act 2006. The Tribunal is administered by the Tribunals’ Centralised Administration in the General Registry.

• How do I apply?

An information pack and further information about the role and the duties of the Tribunal are available from the Secretary of the Appointments Commission, c/o Government Office, Bucks Road, DOUGLAS. (Tel : 686266 Email :

If you are interested in applying you should contact the Secretary of the Appointments Commission to request an application form. Completed application forms should reach the Secretary by 9th July 2007. Late applications may be accepted by the Appointments Commission only at its discretion.


*The Appointments Commission has been established by the Council of Ministers under the auspices of the Tribunals Act 2006 as an independent body. Its principal function is to make appointments to various Appeals Tribunals and other bodies covered by the statutory provisions of the Tribunals Legislation.

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