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Medieval Fun at Castle Rushen 12 July 2007

Re-enactor Stuart Quayle entertains the crowdsTo celebrate National Archaeology Day and the opening of the new Viking and Medieval Galleries at the Manx Museum, Manx National Heritage is hosting a special event day at Castle Rushen on 22nd July, from 10:00am to 5.00pm to give visitors the opportunity to learn more about the Castle and the people who lived there around 500 years ago.

There will be interesting talks at the castle covering a wide range of topics from what life was like for a soldier stationed at Castle Rushen to learning about the history of shipwrecks around the southern coastline of the Island. There will also be demonstrations of how medicines and tinctures were prepared, and visitors can even try their hand at making some medieval toothpaste! There will be a kitchen-hand on duty to show visitors what people ate at Castle Rushen along with the recipes that were being prepared 500 years ago. Visitors will also have opportunity to learn about the Stanley family and the Isle of Man’s role in the Battle of Bosworth, an important battle during the War of the Roses.

Throughout the day, Andrew Johnson, Manx National Heritage’s Field Archaeologist, will be giving talks about the first Manx National Heritage archaeology digs at Castle Rushen, which took place in 1989 as part of the essential conservation work undertaken when the Castle first came into the care of MNH.

Andrew Johnson commented:

Castle Rushen's Keep“Before the current displays at Castle Rushen went on display to the public in 1991, a lot of archaeological work was done to try and clarify the stages of construction and use of the castle. The excavations in 1989 concentrated on two main areas of the castle - the area that was used as a prison in the 1700s and the surrounding curtain wall.
Sunday 22nd July is an opportunity for people to hear more about these excavations – and the interesting results and artefacts that they produced.”

Along with the talks there will also be the chance to have some fun learning to play popular medieval games such as nine men’s morris and shove ha’penny.

National Archaeology Day at Castle Rushen is part of National Archaeology week, a nationwide event in the UK. Castle Rushen is part of the award-winning Story of Mann, and is open daily from 10am to 5pm daily, until October 28th 2007

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