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Spectacular Fortnight of Manx Performing Arts 17 July 2007

Perree BaneA spectacular fortnight of Manx performing arts competitions for primary and secondary aged children was held within the last two weeks for ‘Cruinnaght Aeg’ at Castle Rushen High School, Auldyn Infants School and Ramsey Grammar School.

The competition attracted over 700 entries with most of the Island’s schools participating within one of more of the 70 classes offered to Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and years 10 - 11.

Competitions ran form Monday to Wednesday at each of the schools demonstrating the wealth of Manx traditional talent including Manx singing, music and dance currently taught in Manx schools thorough the dedication of teachers and school staff. Each of the entrants received constructive feedback from a select team of judges with backgrounds in Manx folk music, singing and dancing whilst exceptional entrants received certification for first, second and third place in each class. Ensemble

Anthea Young, Education Services Officer for Manx National Heritage said:

“A significant effort was made by all those entering the competition, with the majority of the Island's schools and junior cultural groups contributing to performances in song, instrumental music, dance, and the spoken word in Manx and English with exceptional recitations further performed within the Manx language competitions held at Bun-scoill Ghaelgagh”.

Within the award ceremony best individual entries for the Instrumental competitions were awarded to Sarah Oatts of Buchan School and Isla Callister Wafer of Bun-scoill Ghaelgagh. Best individual entries for singing were awarded to Marcus Koske of Auldyn School and Michelle Jamieson of Rushen Primary. Best individual entries for dancing were awarded to Maxine Smalley of Queen Elizabeth II High School, Ashleigh McMaster of Ramsey Grammar School and Bethany Hall of Perree Bane: Paitchyn. Recitation winners were Sinead Stephens entering the southern competition and Jonathan Mason in the north. Auldyn School Dance the Mhellia

The competitions, organised jointly by Manx National Heritage and the Department of Education, concluded with two prize giving concerts at Castle Rushen and Ramsey Grammar School for participants and winning performers within the competition. Awards and certificates were presented by Mr Quintin Gill, MHK for Rushen, at the Southern concert and Miss. Joy Brew, former head of Auldyn Infants School, at the northern prize giving.

Anthea Young continued:

“Manx National Heritage would like to thank the teachers, judges and stewards from the Friends of Manx National Heritage who were involved in assisting with the competitions, together with musicians who performed to accompany entrants at both the competitions and concerts”.

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