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The Isle of Man Water Authoriy Foot and Mouth - Precautionary Measures to Prevent The Possible Spread of the Disease 6 August 2007

The Isle of Man Water Authority is working closely with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry in relation to their guidelines and priorities regarding the current Foot and Mouth Disease situation and minimising the risk of the disease being introduced to the Island.

Accordingly, The Isle of Man Water Authority has this morning issued a Procedure Guideline to its staff and all of its contractors.

Furthermore, with effect from Saturday 4th August 2007, in accordance with DAFF guidelines, access to Kerrowdhoo, Sulby, Clypse, Injebreck (east bank) reservoirs and Block Eairy and Eairy Dam will be closed. Cringle, Ballure, Injebreck (west bank) remain open and will continue to be stocked. The Millennium Way and all heritage trails are closed. This situation is subject to review and an update will be issued if necessary.

Notices will be installed at all reservoir sites clearly indicating where members of the public are permitted to fish.

The Isle of Man Water Authority has implemented the measures requested by the Government’s Emergency Planning Committee.

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