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DHSS launches Fostering and Family Care Service 8 August 2007

The Department of Health and Social Security is delighted to announce the launch of their new fostering and family care service, which will support the excellent care provided by foster parents in the Island and improve the opportunities offered to children in need.

Jo Thomas, Assistant Director for Children & Families Services said,

“We already recognise that children who, for whatever reason, cannot be looked after in their own home, develop and grow better in the stability and comfort of a caring family environment. We all need to know that we have someone at home at the end of the day that will listen to our concerns, rejoice in our successes and comfort us when we are down. No-one needs this more than children who have suffered a loss or disruption in their developmental years.”

The service has been developed in partnership with the Isle of Man Adoption Society, Isle of Man Children’s Centre and St Christopher’s Fellowship (IOM).

The service will consist of manager, John Willet and three support staff who will be looking to recruit foster carers from the Island community and assist them with a comprehensive training package to prepare them for their new role.

Mr Willet said,

“We will have regular contact and visits with the foster carers to support them in the provision of a warm and nurturing environment for children of all ages. This will provide a positive experience for both the child and the carers.”

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