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Isle of Man confirmed on UK white list 9 August 2007

Commenting on the announcement that the Isle of Man has been placed on the UK white list allowing Isle of Man e-Gaming companies to market into the UK, David Cretney MHK, Minister for the Isle of Man Department of Trade & Industry (DTI), said:

“This is fantastic news and a real boon for the Isle of Man; reflecting the UK’s recognition of the Island as a quality jurisdiction.”

Garth Kimber, head of e-Gaming development at DTI, said:

“The UK white list is a crucial benefit to the Isle of Man. The UK's Gambling Act 2005, implemented next month, will ban companies based outside the EU from marketing into the UK. Having been added to the white list, companies licensed in the Isle of Man will now be excluded from this restriction and will be able to advertise into the UK for both the terrestrial and remote markets.
“Our inclusion clearly demonstrates that as well as being commercially and technologically attractive the Isle of Man has established and maintained good standards of legislation, regulation and probity similar to those required by the UK in their jurisdiction. We have a high threshold on quality.
“We are aware that a number of businesses have put decisions to locate in the Isle of Man on hold pending the outcome of this announcement. Now this issue has been resolved we expect to see renewed interest from these companies who will hopefully progress with plans to invest here.
“The last few years have been dynamic for the industry and the sector is growing rapidly. Within this the Island has proved itself as a premier jurisdiction and today’s announcement offers us another opportunity to attract reputable, responsible businesses in this sector.
“Any e-Gaming business locating in the Isle of Man can expect not only full access to the UK market, one of the strongest in Europe, but also the added benefits of 1.5% duty, 0% corporation tax, a world class telecommunications infrastructure. This coupled with the lifestyle and strong record of flotation of companies from the island on the AIM market makes the Isle of Man a ‘must consider’ jurisdiction".

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