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Isle of Man Backs New Film Financing and Production Group to Manage Media Development Fund 22 August 2007

Steve Christian, Gillian Duffield, Andrew Fingret and Marc Samuelson launch CinemaNX.

22 August, 2007. Douglas, Isle of Man. CinemaNX, a new film financing and production group and to be known as NX, is launched today by Steve Christian, Gillian Duffield, Andrew Fingret and Marc Samuelson and has been appointed by Isle of Man Film to manage Media Development Fund. NX, headed by Steve Christian and to be based on the Isle of Man, will provide film and television producers a unique combination of production expertise and experience of international film financing. NX will add value to the production procedure by overseeing the entire physical production process. NX will take responsibility for the London based team of Samuelson Productions with immediate effect.

Steve Christian, (NX Chairman), commented; “The progress made by the Isle of Man film industry over the past ten years has been incredible. However, the recurring difficulty we have faced, like any other jurisdiction, is providing a steady flow of product. The biggest factor outside of our control has always been production timing. To overcome this problem NX will take a much more hands-on role throughout the production process. Marc and his team have vast industry and production experience and will contribute enormously to the future of the Manx film industry.

In developing the concept of NX I wanted to be certain that we could control the entire process of film making, including all of the extensive commercial and financial aspects of production. In persuading Gillian Duffield and Andrew Fingret to join us, we have secured the services of two of the industry’s leading players in their respective fields who are committing their talents to the future of the Manx film industry. The Media Development Fund, which has grown from £25 million when established in 2002 to its present balance of approximately £50 million, will be the cornerstone investment that we will utilise to attract high calibre, international production to the Island. It is likely that our approach will attract much higher levels of investment over the next twelve months”.

David Cretney, Trade and Industry Minister, remarked; “We are delighted that the Manx Industry is setting out, yet again, to be a pioneer in the world of independent film. I am confident that the NX model is the way forward, not only for the Island’s film industry but also for independent film generally. For Steve to have persuaded top executives like Marc, Gillian and Andrew to join NX only reinforces my confidence”.

NX will continue to work very closely with the Isle of Man Film’s established team headed by Hilary Dugdale, who says; “I am confident that NX will be a major boost for the Manx film industry. Having spent a great deal of time with the NX team over the last three months I am certain that the Isle of Man is going to attract the best independent production from around the world.”

The decision to follow the NX model was alluded to in Treasury Minister Allan Bell’s annual budget speech in March, 2007. Mr Bell commented; “I am particularly pleased that the initiatives outlined in my budget speech have come to fruition as planned. I am certain that this move will be a huge factor in building upon the recent success of the Isle of Man film industry and will further our opportunities to benefit from this particularly valuable source of Exchequer Benefit and economic diversification”.

David Cretney concluded; “I would like to add my special thanks to everybody in the film office who have embraced the challenge of taking our industry to the next level. I would also like to thank Cains who have been so instrumental in building our commercial reputation throughout the industry and who have agreed so positively to allow Andrew Fingret to join the NX team”.

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