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DAFF FMD Press Release 31 August 2007 3 September 2007

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry is pleased to announce the further rolling back of Foot and Mouth Disease controls. The running of livestock markets and shows returns to normal as from Monday the 3rd September. The import of susceptible livestock (cattle, sheep, pigs) will be restarted as soon as DEFRA is in a position to issue suitably revised health certification. Outstanding licences will be re-issued to include the revised certification requirements.

Agriculture Minister Phil Gawne MHK explained: “Having considered carefully a veterinary risk assessment I have concluded that livestock markets and shows can restart from Monday and that livestock imports can restart as soon as suitably revised health certification can be arranged.”

The Minister concluded: “This is an important development for the agricultural industry. Whilst it has been fully behind the disease control strategy, I have also been conscious that I needed to allow the industry to resume operations as soon as the disease situation allowed. The resumption of livestock markets and the importation of livestock (although under tighter health controls) is very important as it allows planning for the autumn breeding and store sales. I urge the whole industry to remain vigilant and ensure biosecurity becomes an everyday part of their working practice for everything that passes through their farm gate”.

Further information can be obtained from the Animal Health Division on 685844 or visit the Department’s website at

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