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Appointments Commission 10 September 2007

Applications for Membership

The Appointments Commission has been established by the Council of Ministers under the auspices of the Tribunals Act 2006 as an independent body. Its function is to make appointments to various Appeals Tribunals and other bodies covered by the statutory provisions of the Tribunals Legislation. The Commission consists of 5 members.

The initial appointees hold office for terms expiring on the next 5 anniversaries of the 1st January 2006. One member’s term of office is due to expire on the 1st January 2008, and the Council of Ministers would therefore welcome applications to fill this vacancy.

People interested in membership of the Commission do not need any formal qualifications. Council will be looking for people who have appropriate experience of the appointment of members to official bodies or other qualifications to participate in the exercise of the Commission’s functions.

If you are interested please contact Jeanette Williams, Head of Council of Ministers Administration, Chief Secretary’s Office, Government Office, Bucks Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 3PG, telephone 01624 685704, or e-mail: to be sent an information pack. Alternatively an information pack can be downloaded at

The Closing Date for applications is 1 October 2007.

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