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DAFF FMD Press Release 12 September 2007 12 September 2007

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Phil Gawne MHK, said this afternoon “Following the confirmed foot and mouth outbreak in the United Kingdom, the Department is to implement a number of precautionary measures with immediate effect”.

“These measures include a ban on all livestock imports into the Island (cloven hooved species) with officers of the Department meeting all equine imports on arrival.”

Government is to institute disinfection procedures at the Island’s ports and will screen visitors in order to identify high-risk individuals. This would include those persons who have recently been in the area currently under restriction in the UK and anyone that has been in contact with livestock.”

“We are in an extremely fortunate position here on the Island with the fact that there have been no recent imports of susceptible species, except those that have already been given the all-clear. This is not to say that we can drop our guard and I would ask farmers to implement the most stringent bio-security measures to ensure they protect their livestock, and ultimately their livelihood, from this disease. Do you know where the person visiting your farm has been in recent days? That is the question you must ask of all your visitors.”

“These measures are purely precautionary at this stage. The Department will be monitoring closely the situation in the UK as it develops with a view to initiating further measures if necessary or lifting those in place.”

Further information can be obtained from the Animal Health Division on 685844 or visit the Department’s website at

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