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Sex offenders face tighter travel requirements 19 September 2007

SEX offenders will have to provide more details of their travel plans under regulations which came into force on September 14.

The Sex Offenders (Travel Notification Requirements) Regulations 2007 are being brought in under the Criminal Justice, Police and Courts Act 2007. It will force convicted sex offenders to provide full details of their holiday itinerary, including the dates and points of entry at every country they plan to visit. Details must be lodged with the police ideally seven days prior to departure but a minimum of 24 hours notice must be given of any travel.

Home Affairs Minister Martyn Quayle MHK said:

‘The new regulations set out stricter controls on the movements of sex offenders for the benefit of the national and international community. Implementing this travel notification order will allow the Constabulary further controls on offenders, and they will be able to supply other jurisdictions with accurate information regarding their travel and accommodation when that’s judged appropriate. ‘As the offender will also have to notify the Constabulary on their return to the Island, it will enable the police to keep a close eye on their movements.’

The new restrictions came into force on September 14 through an appointed day order under the existing legislation, although the Regulations will be laid before Tynwald in October, the next available sitting of the Manx Parliament.

Detective Constable Gary Allen is the Sex Offenders Registrar in the Constabulary’s Public Protection Unit. He commented:

‘All registered sex offenders on the Island have received hand delivered letters explaining the new travel notification requirements. They already had to notify us when they change employment or move house so this is the final piece that assists us in protecting the public. Now we will receive full details of their travel plans normally seven days in advance, and we have the power of arrest if they fail to provide details of their travel plans at least 24 hours before leaving the Island. We will inform the UK authorities and international destinations of their travel plans when appropriate. We can’t stop them travelling but other jurisdictions can make a decision whether they are refused entry or not.
‘It means tighter controls world wide and allows us to provide detailed information of their travel plans to other jurisdictions, in the same way we are informed when sex offenders are visiting the Isle of Man, which allows us to take appropriate action.’

The Sex Offenders (Travel Notification Requirements) Regulations 2007 were drafted under the Criminal Justice Act 2001, as amended by the Criminal Justice, Police and Courts Act 2007. The Order is drafted under paragraph 3A (1) of Schedule 1 of the Criminal Justice Act which deals with sex offender notification.

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