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DHSS Launches Centralised Nebuliser Service 1 October 2007

The Department of Health and Social Security is delighted to announce that a Centralised Nebuliser Service was introduced today in the Isle of Man, based at the Cardio Respiratory Department, Noble’s Hospital.

The Centralised Nebuliser Service is a development of the existing service, which aims to offer a patient centred, gold standard respiratory care service in the Isle of Man, at no increased cost. The Respiratory Team are based at Noble’s Hospital and have been working together for the last two years to review and develop the service.

The Respiratory Team will be responsible for the issuing and exchanging of nebulisers and masks for patients who have been assessed by the Respiratory Team at Noble’s Hospital as requiring this treatment. A nebuliser is a piece of equipment which works by taking a solution of drugs and turning it into a very fine mist which is inhaled to treat certain lung diseases.

Eddie Teare MHK, Minister for Health and Social Security, in welcoming the new service said:

“I am extremely impressed with the commitment that the Respiratory Team has given to the development of this very important service. Much has been achieved over the past two years to ensure that when the service launches on 1st October, patients will indeed be given a gold standard in respiratory care. Noble’s Hospital is now at the cutting edge of care, in being able to offer a respiratory service of this kind, which is patient focused, research based and has a computerised central database to improve communication”.

Debbie Corrin Respiratory Nurse Specialist said:

“The service has liaised with representatives from hospitals throughout the UK and we have trained more than 200 health professionals on Island, ready for this change, to help ensure a safe, effective introduction of the service. I would like to encourage members of the public who have nebulisers that are no longer being used to return them. For every nebuliser that is returned, no matter what condition, Noble’s Hospital will be reimbursed towards the purchase of new, replacement nebulisers that will be issued to patients who need them”.

As part of the new service, patients who have been identified by their GP surgery or hospital doctor as possibly requiring long term nebuliser therapy at home will be referred to the Respiratory Team assessment clinic.

Patients are then assessed at the clinic for appropriate prescribed treatment, and receive written information on how to safely use their equipment and medication. Patients will then have access to servicing, emergency replacement and equipment changes at recommended intervals through the Centralised Nebuliser Service.

There is no need for patients to purchase their own nebuliser when treatment has been prescribed by the Respiratory Physician at Noble’s Hospital, as the nebuliser will be issued on loan from the Hospital free of charge and regular follow up will be arranged.

Nebulisers are no longer able to be exchanged at the Physiotherapy Department.

The Cardio Respiratory Department can be contacted on Tel: 650134. 8.30 am – 4.00 pm. Monday – Friday. Patients are advised to contact the Cardio Respiratory Department or Ward 9 by phone, prior to attending.

Emergency out of hour’s issue of equipment is via Ward 9, Noble’s Hospital on Tel: 650029 between 4.00 pm – 08.30 am, Mon – Fri and for 24 hour issue on Saturdays and Sundays. If patients are unwell they must contact their GP surgery or the Manx Emergency Doctors Service (MEDS).

How can you help?

The Respiratory team know that there are a huge amount of nebulisers in the community that are no longer being used or that have not been serviced correctly and may not be working properly. Members of the public are asked to please return them to the Cardio Respiratory Department, Noble’s Hospital, Strang.

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