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Telecommunications Act 1984 - Proposed Licence Modifications 11 October 2007

Proposed Licence Modifications

  1. The Communications Commission hereby gives notice in accordance with Section 10(3) of the Telecommunications Act 1984 (of Tynwald) that it proposes to make modifications to the Licence first granted on 9 May 2006 to Cable and Wireless Isle of Man Limited (“the Licensee”).
  2. The proposed modifications to the Licence are to permit the provision of any telecommunications services over telecommunications systems of every description within the Island; and to make consequential amendments.
  3. The effect of the proposed modifications is to remove the limitation that the Licensee may provide only mobile telecommunications services. Added to the Licence are Conditions consequent to authorising telecommunications services over telecommunications systems of every description within the Island. The Telecommunications Code (which would have the effect of giving the Licensee powers in respect of opening the highway, in respect of crossing land and in respect of certain planning provisions) is NOT applied to the Licensee.
  4. The Communications Commission proposes to make the modifications because the limitation to provide only mobile services is no longer required, expedient or appropriate. This accords with recommendations made in the independent InterConnect Communications report on telecommunications policy in the Isle of Man, as endorsed by Tynwald.
  5. Electronic or hard copies of the present and the proposed amended licence may be obtained by emailing or by telephoning the Communications Commission at 01624 677022.
  6. Representations or objections with respect to the proposed modifications may be made in writing to the address below. Representations or objections should be received by the Commission on or before 30 November 2007.

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