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DHSS Welcomes Formation of Council for Voluntary Organisations 18 October 2007

The Department of Health and Social Security has welcomed the formation of a local Council for Voluntary Organisations.

Eddie Teare MHK, Minister for Health and Social Security said,

“The DHSS, and in particular the Social Services Division, enjoys a good relationship with the voluntary sector and this move can only enhance that relationship. These partnerships are extremely important if the Department is to continue to progress. Both my colleagues and I welcome and support this initiative.”

David Killip, Department of Health and Social Security Chief Executive said,

“We have very real partnerships in the Isle of Man, with each party bringing something to the table that contributes to improving the lives of others. I am grateful to all those within this partnership, who make such a valuable contribution to the more vulnerable members of society”.

One meeting has already taken place between the Social Services Directorate and members of the Council for Voluntary Organisations, with Andrew Swithinbank, Director of Social Services, in attendance.

Mr. Swithinbank said,

“We had a most amicable meeting with the members, which was meaningful and constructive. These meetings provide a platform for continued dialogue, giving us the ability to consult with the voluntary sector collectively and regularly. One of the Department’s aims is to encourage the voluntary, community and informal sectors to help develop a caring environment, and the formation of the Council for Voluntary Organisations is a pivotal part of those aims. ”

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