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Keys Sitting - 23rd October 2007 23 October 2007

Oral Question 4

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Question NumberSubjectQuestion from
Oral 4HSCCMrs Cannell,MHK

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Oral Question 4

For Oral Answer:

The Hon Member for Douglas East (Mrs Cannell) to ask the Minister for Health and Social Security –

What are the roles, responsibilities and duties of the Health Services Consultative Committee?


Mr Speaker

The Health Services Consultative Committee (or HSCC) is established under the powers conferred on my Department by Section 2 of the National Health Service Act 2001 and its functions are those set out in that Section, namely to be consulted by my Department on :

  1. such general matters relating to the services provided under this Act, and
  2. such questions relating to those matters, as the Department may refer to it.

It may also tender to the Department its views on any general matters relating to the services provided under this Act.

In summary, the Health Services Consultative Committee is an independent advisory body to the Department of Health and Social Security with regard to all aspects of the provision of the National Health Service.

The recent Annual Report published by the HSCC, with copies being given to all Members of this Honourable court, commented that:

“This committee continues, as in previous years, to maintain its watching brief over the delivery of health services in the Isle of Man. The number and variety of issues and concerns require members to be alert not only to developments in the health services but also to other changes in Island affairs which, perforce, affect those services”

The Report then goes on to list the very extensive range of topics which the HSCC has considered in the last year.

Such a wide-ranging remit does, of course, Mr Speaker, allow the HSCC almost a free rein in deciding what it wishes to advise or comment upon.

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