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DAFF Press Release 071107 7 November 2007

Following DEFRA’s announcement of the lifting of the Foot and Mouth Surveillance Zone in the UK and their report on the completion of extensive surveillance work and testing of nearly 50,000 animals, the Department has announced that it is scaling down its Foot and Mouth control measures.

As from midday today, checks by officers of the Department at the port and airport will cease. Likewise the disinfection measures.

The ban on the importation of livestock and controls on the commercial importation of meat will remain in place until further notice.

It is important for travellers, to the Isle of Man, to note that the UK’s ban on the export of small personal quantities of meat and dairy products remains in place.

The Minister, Phil Gawne said “It is reassuring that the UK has successfully passed this important milestone on their journey back to Foot and Mouth Free status. It has enabled me to relax still further the protective measures that have been necessary to protect the Isle of Man from the ravages of this disease. I would like to thank everyone who has been affected by these measures, the travelling general public, the Steam Packet, airlines, the agriculture industry and businesses of the Isle of Man, for their understanding, help and co-operation during what has been for everyone a difficult and worrying time”.

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