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Phase 2 of Exercise Mannmarex 12 November 2007

The second part of a major exercise to test the Island’s response to a marine emergency will be held over two days on November 13th and 14th.

Phase one of Exercise Mannmarex was held in July and involved a mock off-shore fire emergency acted out in real time. The exercise tested and evaluated:

  • the impact on the island
  • the newly-formed Maritime Incident Response Team for off-shore fire fighting based in North Wales.

Chief Coastguard Colin Finney explained:

‘The aim of the exercise is to test how information flows between the various agencies involved. Part one provided a good test of what is known as “the tasking procedure”.
‘There are fifteen Fire and Rescue Services around the UK with sufficient resources to provide these teams, which together provide coverage right around the British Isles. They require information before making a decision on whether to commit a team to an incident and the information comes from the vessel, to the Isle of Man and then to Liverpool Coastguard.
‘In phase one we learned good lessons about some of the work that we still needed to do to make people familiar with this new organisation and this new tasking procedure. The idea for phase two is that as all parties have a better understanding of these tasking procedure we can now evaluate how well the information about a particular incident flows down the various channels. It’s about finding out whether we have learned the lessons from phase one.’

The exercise will see a call made to Liverpool Coastguard reporting a fire onboard a vessel in Manx waters, with a request for an offshore fire fighting team to attend, with the exercise unfolding in real time, as those involved react accordingly.

Mr Finney added:

‘The second day will involve a debrief, where we will expose any weaknesses in the planning and response. We will then produce a memorandum of understanding as a result of both phases of Mannmarex.’

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