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Students put Home Affairs in Perspective 14 November 2007

AN INTERVIEW with Home Affairs Minister Martyn Quayle MHK by Castle Rushen High School students will be broadcast on Manx Radio on Thursday (November 15).

Students Ari Ludford-Brookes and Sam Chappell, who are now in year 13, interviewed the Minister at his Departmental office for Manx Radio’s Perspective programme, presented by ffinlo Costain, which will be broadcast on Thursday from just after 6pm.

The programme addresses Yob Culture and discusses whether the youth of today is any worse than previous generations. Questions centre on facilities for young people, the changing expectations present in society, and ASBOs. The Minister explained that he believes most young people are highly responsible, but that measures must be taken to correct behaviour when it becomes anti-social. He praised the role of the Young Farmers’ clubs and the National Sports Centre in providing both valuable activities and communities to help inspire young people.

Mr Quayle makes the point:

‘The Isle of Man is justly proud of its quality of life, and in terms of youth crime the Island is a very safe place to live. I'm very pleased that in the recent Community Satisfaction Survey 98% of people living on the Island said they felt safe.
‘Most young people are very responsible, and the police have had great success in developing their Neighbourhood Policing Teams across the Isle of Man. New Anti-Social Behaviour Orders are in place to be imposed if people are causing problems in different areas. These aren’t just for young people of course, and they are a recent introduction, but they’ve been successful and will continue to have an impact where they are needed.’

ffinlo Costain, who presents this series of Perspective, said:

‘It’s very important for those who vote to have access to their elected representatives. Now that 16 and 17 year olds can vote on the Isle of Man it’s been a privilege to facilitate discussion of very important issues between our new voters and those responsible for making the decisions that affect their lives.’

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