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Pupils Volunteer For River Management Project 16 November 2007

Ramsey School pupils volunteer for River Management ProjectStaff and students from Ramsey Grammar School have been busy helping DAFF staff members on a special river management project.

On 7 November, staff and students spent the day with Karen Galtress, River Management Officer, and Peter Keenen from the Forestry Division, coppicing and thinning trees along a heavily shaded section of the River Neb.

While overhanging vegetation provides valuable cover for fish, extensive stretches of heavy shade can limit salmon and trout populations by reducing the growth of algae on which many of their invertebrate prey feed. The reduced light can also limit the growth of herbaceous plants, which help to keep the river banks stable.

During the day, students were able to have a close look at and learn more about some of the creatures, such as stonefly and mayfly larvae, which live on the river bed as well as having the opportunity to thin the excess trees lining the banks of the river.

Karen Galtress said ‘I’d like to thank everyone involved, especially the students, for a very enjoyable and useful day out. Thanks to their great efforts, we achieved an enormous amount.’

The hard working volunteers were Ramsey Grammar School students Daniel Taylor and Aaron Lawley, and teachers Sarah Stephenson and Dave Radford.

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