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Walk through fire safety checks at retail premises 30 November 2007

Christmas Fire Safety Campaign 2008

FIRE safety officers will start unannounced checks on retail premises next week (December 3).

The visits mark the first phase of this year’s Christmas Fire Safety Campaign.

Sub Officer Carl Kinvig explained:

‘We are writing to retailers this week explaining the purpose of these unannounced fire safety checks. We want to remind retailers of their responsibilities at this high risk time of year when many premises have increased stock levels around and increased numbers of customers. It’s vital that fire escape routes are kept clear and that all staff are fully aware of fire procedures. '
‘The objective is to ensure a safe and happy Christmas for shopkeepers and shoppers.’

The letter to retailers explains:

The Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service are currently carrying out inspections of retail outlets in your area, during the run up to Christmas. The purpose of these inspections is to make sure that adequate fire precautions are in place during this high risk time of year, when shops historically carry more stock and the number of persons shopping increases dramatically. It is also an ideal time for you to check your basic fire safety. Inspecting officers will be looking at the following areas:
  • Escape routes are kept clear of combustibles, and are serviceable at all occupied times.
  • Staff are fully aware of fire procedures.
  • Fire procedures notices are in place for members of the public.
  • The fire alarm system should be tested once a week and serviced once a year.
  • The emergency lighting should be tested once a month and serviced once a year.
  • The extinguishers should be tested once a year by a competent person.
  • All tests should be recorded in a fire log book. Log books are available free of charge from Fire Headquarters in Onchan.
  • Refuse should not be stored outside your property in anything other than the designated receptacles; fire exits should be kept clear of bins.

If you would like any further advice please contact the fire safety department on 647329 or

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