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Training Aid for Retailers and Licensees 6 December 2007

The Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading is introducing a new CD ROM based training package for all retailers and licensees on the Island to aid them in ensuring they and their staff are aware of their responsibilities under the law when selling age restricted goods.

The sale of goods such as cigarettes and tobacco products, alcohol, solvents, fireworks, videos, petrol and lottery tickets is controlled by laws restricting the age at which they can be bought.

The Office is conscious of the problems retailers and licensees face in identifying the age of young people looking to buy age restricted goods. The Isle of Man Government 18+ Proof of Age Card was introduced to provide a reliable means by which they could establish if a customer was over 18 or not. This package will further support retailers and licensees in their efforts to comply with the law.

The package, which is free of charge, comprises a CD ROM, a booklet explaining the law and a set of posters for display. The CD ROM incorporates a short film which was made locally. As well as explaining the law the scenarios in the film show methods by which staff can refuse a sale without offending customers. This is backed up by the other sections of the CD ROM which include:-

  • A Guide to Saying “NO”
  • Best Practice – useful steps to avoid breaking the law
  • Refusals Record forms
  • The Law – a synopsis of current legislation and possible penalties
  • Links to useful websites
  • “Test Your Knowledge” interactive quiz – ideal for use in training members of staff

The CD ROM also has downloadable copies of the booklet and the posters.

Copies of the package will be delivered to retailers by the Trading Standards staff and to licensees by the police prior to Christmas.

Any retailer or licensee who does not receive a copy should contact the Office on 686500 to obtain a copy.

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