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Keys Sitting - 27th November 2007 27 November 2007

Written Question 2 | Oral Emergency Question

The question number refers to the question order specified in the official Tynwald Order Paper. To read the answers, scroll down this page or select a link to a question from above.

Question NumberSubjectQuestion from
Written 2Residential, Nursing and EMI facilitiesMr Malarky, MHK
Oral Emergency QuestionSocial Security DetailsMr Cannan, MHK

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Written Question 2

For Written Answer:The Hon Member for Douglas South (Mr Malarkey) to ask the Minister for Health and Social Security –

In respect of Residential, Nursing and EMI facilities –

  1. How many people are in each of the above homes;
  2. Of those, how many of them are state funded;
  3. How many are on each of the waiting lists;
  4. Of those how many will be state funded;
  5. What is the current cost to the state per person in each of the three areas;
  6. What is your Departments projected need in respect of numbers in five and ten year’s time; and
  7. What are your Departments projected figures in regard to those who will require state funding in five and ten years time?


  1. On the 19th November 2007 there were 543 people in residential facilities, 362 people in nursing facilities and 71 people in EMI facilities. This does not include short term (respite) care spaces. This figure can, and does, vary daily.
  2. By “state funded” it is assumed the Honourable member is referring to the receipt of income support, in which case 266 in residential facilities (including 35 in MPE beds, that is those older people who have Mental Health problems not associated with the ageing process) and 183 in nursing facilities (including those in EMI beds). It is not possible at this time to confirm a separate figure for EMI cases as for State support purposes these are not identified separately from nursing homes cases.
  3. The Social Services Division do not operate a waiting list system. Places are allocated on the basis of need. Independent providers may operate alternative arrangements but the department would not be privy to these.
  4. In the absence of data based on waiting lists the Department is unable to speculate on potential state funding.
  5. The total cost per annum at today’s rates are: in respect of residential facilities (including MPE) £3.075 million and in respect of nursing facilities £4.126 million (including EMI cases). The average weekly costs of State support per person are: for residential facilities £222.35 and for nursing facilities £433.59.
  6. If the Department were to continue providing care using existing models of provision then based on demographic projections the numbers would increase by 3.05% in five years time leading to figures of 560 in residential facilities, 373 in nursing facilities and 73 in EMI facilities. The projection for ten years time is an increase of 6.05% equating to 576 in residential facilities, 384 in nursing facilities and 75 in EMI facilities. However, the Isle of Man has a large proportion of very elderly people in population and this is projected to increase at a greater rate than the elderly population in general. Therefore the figures for EMI and nursing care should be considered as very conservative estimates. It is not the Departments policy to replicate existing models of care in the future. It is the Departments intention to move the focus of care provision from institutions to community based care. As a result the Department would be looking to stabilise residential based care at current figures and increase the provision of domiciliary based care in peoples own homes. The exception to this is EMI care where the Department accepts that due to the nature of care required, and the likely increase in demand, there is likely to be a continued, and growing, need for residential facilities.
  7. Given the comments above, it is not possible to estimate at this time what the costs of State support will be in 5 and 10 years’ time.

Oral Emergency Question

For Oral Answer:The Hon Member for Michael (Mr Cannan) to ask the Minister for Health and Social Security –

Can you indicate the extent to which personal details of Isle of Man residents are routinely passed by virtue of the Reciprocal Agreement to the United Kingdom Government Agencies which are then held on national computers or discs (eg National Insurance contributions, state pensions etc)?


Mr Deputy Speaker

It is apparent that the Hon Member’s question has arisen as a result of the problems experienced by HM Revenue and Customs in the UK regarding the loss of two computer discs contained detailed information in relation to families and claimants of child benefit.

Mr Deputy Speaker before answering the specific question may I take the opportunity to re-affirm what I said last week in another place and reassure the House and the public of the Island that Isle of Man Child Benefit data is held quite separately from that of the UK and for persons who have only lived on the Island and claimed benefit here there is no possibility that such data will be included on the UK files referred to.

In respect of the actual question I can confirm that information is routinely shared with the UK authorities in a number of areas relating to Social Security to ensure that benefits covered by the reciprocal agreement between the two countries can be paid in either country. However, such data which typically will include National Insurance Number, dates of birth, details of National Insurance Contributions paid and relevant benefit claim history is only transferred to the UK when an individual moves from the Island to the UK and would not occur where an individual has solely worked and resided on the Island. Under normal circumstances this data, does not extend to bank account details except in the case where the customer has specifically asked that the payment of the particular benefit should still be made to an Isle of Man bank account.

Mr. Deputy Speaker whereas I remain confident that the processes within my Department are sufficiently robust to ensure the safeguarding of data for which the Department is responsible, however, and notwithstanding the announcement of a review of internal processes by the Treasury Minister, the Department had already commenced a review of its arrangements with its UK counterparts.

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