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Islands first Wound Care Formulary launched 12 December 2007

The Department of Health and Social Security is pleased to announce the launch of the Island’s first Wound Care Formulary. The formulary was officially launched on Wednesday, 12th December at the Island’s new Hospice.

Norman McGregor Edwards, Director of Health Strategy and Performance said,

“Led by the DHSS, a group of Island health care practitioners have been working on the Island’s first wound care formulary for the past few months. Representatives from each sector across the Island have been involved in evaluating wound care products currently in use and new ones to the market. The aim of the formulary is to standardise wound management and provide clinical and cost effective evidence-based guidelines to which practitioners can refer.”

The formulary is a concise, easily read document, which is either pocket size or wall mounted for clinical areas. It includes simple advice on all aspects of healing wounds with recommendations for dressing choice. This is available for all health care practitioners on the Island and will be audited yearly. As new products come on the market, they will be trialled for their clinical and cost-effectiveness.

Pam Fulton, Tissue Viability Nurse Specialist said,

“This is a very exciting development and it is envisaged that all practitioners who are involved in decision making regarding the healing of wounds will use it. Any products chosen outside the formulary list will not be stocked by the Pharmacists in the Island, so practitioners will be encouraged to work within the formulary or provide a clear rationale as to their non formulary choice.”

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