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How much would you pay for a soft drink? 14 December 2007

A survey of prices charged for soft drinks in a random selection of pubs and clubs in the Island has revealed that prices can vary significantly between establishments.

For example, the price charged for a bottle of J20 varied between £1.35 and £1.85, the price charged for a dash of cordial varied between being free and 55p and the price charged for a can of diet coke varied between 99p and £1.65.

Pubs and clubs charging reasonable prices, or in some cases introducing schemes for cheaper or free soft drinks for motorists, were praised by the OFT for a sensible, community-spirited approach.

Chairman of the Office of Fair Trading Quintin Gill MHK said 'Our colleagues in the police are currently pursuing their annual campaign against drink-driving yet we have found some pubs and clubs are charging what appear to be hugely inflated prices for soft drinks.

We are not able to control the prices of soft drinks but we can ensure that prices are displayed in accordance with the law. The message to consumers from the OFT is to check the price before you buy soft drinks or you may pay rip off prices.

We applaud those businesses which are offering special deals for drivers and we urge those which are charging such ridiculously high prices for soft drinks to think again and reduce them.'

The law states that pubs and clubs must display the prices of at least five soft drinks or the prices of all the soft drinks on sale if less than five are available. Typically, this means that the prices of at least five soft drinks must be clearly displayed.

If anyone finds a pub or club not displaying its prices the OFT asks that they contact them on 686520.

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