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MEA Launches Telecommunications Business 19 December 2007

MEA Chairman Hon Eddie Teare MHK announced during his address to Tynwald on 11th December that the MEA’s Fibre Optic Cable was now lit and that the Authority had entered the wholesale telecommunications market.

Eddie Teare said:

“Following approval by Council of Ministers earlier this year, the MEA has now formed e-llan Communications Limited which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MEA. This is a major milestone for the MEA; following two years of extremely hard work by the team the benefits of the asset can now be realised. With the ever-increasing demands in e-business, the Authority is pleased to provide a facility which will add to the Island’s telecommunications infrastructure and further stimulate the market.”
“e-llan Communications will offer a ‘wholesale’ data transmission service, i.e. it will offer a service to telecoms customers requiring large bandwidth to and from the UK. This service will support local telecoms businesses in offering attractive prices relative to their competitors in other jurisdictions and it is envisaged that this will help attract investment and thus support economic growth.”

The Minister for Trade and Industry Hon David Cretney MHK noted:

“Council of Ministers carefully considered this matter before authorising the MEA to proceed. Strategic analysis (including the report ‘Creating the Can-Do Economy’, April 2005) highlighted that the e-business sector will be crucial to the Island’s future economic success. The sector is dependent upon fast, effective, and competitively priced data transmission services to and from the UK. It is believed that enhancing the Island’s existing telecommunications infrastructure can help make it an even more attractive international centre for e-business. Lighting the MEA’s fibres will bring more capacity and choice to a fast growing market.”

The Minister added:

“Council of Ministers considered a range of options, including having a private company operate the cable. Ultimately, Council was satisfied that the MEA had the necessary technical expertise to provide this wholesale telecoms service in such a manner that will give the telecoms sector freedom to flourish.”

The Minister concluded:

“I have been impressed by the speed with which the MEA has acted since Council authorised them to proceed this summer. I look forward to e-llan Communications helping to generate both new business investment and benefits for existing businesses in 2008 and beyond.”

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