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Consumers Given Key Role In Promoting Manx Dairy And Meat Products 24 December 2007

Customers are to be given the chance to have their say in marketing Isle of Man Creameries and Isle of Man Meats.

The new provisions in our agricultural marketing legislation allow modern corporate structures for Isle of Man Creameries, Isle of Man Meats and the Isle of Man Agricultural Marketing Society to be created from 1st January 2008.

One of the most significant changes bought about by the new Act will be greater consumer representation within the Agricultural Marketing Society, which is responsible for maintaining an overview of the two marketing companies, Isle of Man Creameries and Isle of Man Meats, which under the Act have strong powers to market dairy and meat products on the Island.

Phil Gawne MHK, Minister for Agriculture, said: ‘The new companies established as a result of the new legislation will remove any of the uncertainty of responsibilities and liabilities which were previously associated with the old marketing bodies.

‘With clear legal structures, corporate responsibility and the enormous progress being made by the two marketing companies to develop their businesses, the industry is well positioned to grow and adapt to the increasingly dynamic food producing sector. The increased level of consumer representation on the Agricultural Marketing Society will help ensure an improved understanding of the Manx consumers’ needs and expectations and I have been delighted with the high number of applicants for these roles.’

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