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New Douglas Water Treatment Works Supply Testing Period (January/February) 11 January 2008

The Isle of Man Water Authority wishes to inform residents in the Onchan, Douglas, Middle and South areas of the Island that work is being carried out to connect the new Douglas Water Treatment Works into supply.

This will involve testing the new works over a range of flows, from 9 million litres to 37 million litres per day, for a period of time. The testing of the new works at the extremes of its flow range may cause disturbances in the main and there is risk of discoloured water during this period in a wide area.

We would ask for the forbearance and patience of our customers during this essential work. As always, the Authority, along with its contractors, will endeavour to keep disruption and inconvenience to a minimum.

If customers do experience discoloured water they are asked to run their cold taps until their water runs clear, unless we advise otherwise. If customers have any serious concerns regarding their water supplies while these tests are being carried out, they should contact our Customer Helpline on 695999 for assistance.

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