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Data Protection Notification Service – Don’t be misled 20 February 2008

The Office of Fair Trading has been contacted by a local company advising that they have received correspondence from a company in the UK, D.P.A. Registrations, notifying them that their Data Protection Registration is overdue. The correspondence advises that the local company can be fined up to £5,000 if the Registration is not completed. D.P.A. Registrations states that it will administer the Registration process on behalf of the local company for which it will make an administration charge (£110.)

The Office has checked the validity of the correspondence with the Office of the Data Protection Supervisor. The Data Protection Supervisor advises ”The correspondence refers to the data protection legislation that applies in the UK where registration applications are made to the UK Information Commission. No local company should use this service. If you are required to notify under the Data Protection Act in the Isle of Man the fee is £40.00 and correspondence will only be sent from the Office of the Data Protection Supervisor. Don’t be misled - businesses who receive this correspondence can ignore it. If you need any further advice contact the Supervisor’s Office on 693260.”

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