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Peel Harbour Swingbridge and Flap Gate Hydraulic Oil Change 3 March 2008

The Peel Harbour swingbridge will be closed to pedestrian use from the evening of Sunday 9th March until the morning of Tuesday 11th March and there will be no access into or out of Peel Inner Harbour over the high water period approximately 10.15am to 3.10pm on Monday 10th March for boat owners due to a scheduled hydraulic oil change

As part of the on-going maintenance programme for Peel Harbour Swingbridge and Flap Gate it is necessary to change the hydraulic oil at intervals of between two to three years. It was originally planned to carry out the first oil change at the beginning of April this year on completion of the dredging operations which are currently taking place in Peel Inner harbour.

The contractors carrying out the dredging operations have now advised that they will be unable to complete the works as planned due to the weather conditions and the need to remove more silt then was originally estimated. In agreement with DAFF the limitation on completion of the contract has now been extended to the end of April. In view of this the Department has decided to carry out the oil change earlier than scheduled on Monday 10th March as to delay this operation to the end of April / beginning of May would likely result in disruption to more boat owners and members of the public at that time.

The work will involve setting up the Department crane on the West Quay side of the Flap Gate on the evening of Sunday 9th March with the ‘Stop Logs’ being put into place at approximately 3am on Monday morning after the Flap Gate’ has raised for the low water period. The ‘Stop Logs’ will then remain in place until approximately 11pm on Monday evening when the Flap Gate would be due to lower for the next high tide. This time is needed to change the oil, purge the hydraulic oil system and re-commission the system ready for use.Should the weather prevent this necessary work being carried out on Monday 10th March the intention would be to carry out the work on the first suitable day during that week.

The Department would like to apologise to members of the public and boat owners for any inconvenience caused during this necessary maintenance work which is being timed to cause the least disruption to members of the public and boat owners alike.

Further information may be obtained from Peel Harbour Office Tel. 842338 during normal office hours 7 days per week or Douglas Harbour Control Tel. 686628 24hrs / 7 days per week.

For more information: Capt Ken Horsley, Harbour Operations Manager Tel: 686916

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